Six Food Poisoning Food identified by experts

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If you’ve ever had a bout of food poisoning, chances are you’ll do anything to avoid feeling such misery ever again. Bill Marler, an attorney who has worked on countless food-poisoning lawsuits, knows more than a thing or two about troublesome eats. In an article he posted to the Food Poisoning Journal, he shared which foods he’ll never eat again. Here’s a list of the bites he avoids completely.

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1. Raw Oysters – Due to warming waters, raw oysters are more vulnerable to microbial growth. You can guess what that means if you slurp those microbes down: foodborne illness.


2. Precut or Prewashed Fruits and Veggies – These convenient tubs of chopped veggies and fruits may save you some time and effort, but Marler warns it’s not worth it. He suggests avoiding these “like the plague” because more people are handling and processing the food, increasing the chances of contamination. © Getty
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